Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Had fun with Estelle and May Lyn last week! (:
Here's some of the pictures, much thanks to Estelle.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I've got the Extra WOW Lash from Yuberactive and did a review for them :D
For those who haven't heard about Yuberactive, you guys should check it out and sign up.
You might get to win movie tickets and get stuff from them to review just like me (:

Anyhoo! I'm now on a very very super long holiday. 4 whole months. This means I'm gonna have to rot at home during the day and stuff myself with more movies.
Watched a couple of movies at the cinema this past few weeks.

Real Steel!

I personally think it's a very good movie. Maybe 8/10? Am not gonna go on telling more about it cause I'm sure some of you haven't watched it and I wouldn't wanna spoil it for you guys.


It wasn't a bad movie, but our cinemas just made it so bad. For those who havent' watch this, please do not go to the cinemas to watch it. To much, too much censorship. Wait for the DVD, it'll be worth it! 

and the only movie I haven't watch but REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna watch.

You are the apple of my eye.

There's so many version of trailers in YouTube and I've watched them all. I don't know whether I've spoilt the movie for myself haha. Hope I can watch it soon ): cause even until now the theaters are all full.

There comes to a point in life when you just feel like stopping.